About Wholly Honey

Wholly Honey is a small bee enterprise where all income is given to a registered charity supporting children, youth and community development in Aotearoa.

Our Story

Bijan and Craig have 30 years beekeeping experience between them. They manage their beehives and produce the honey with no financial benefit to themselves.

100% of all profits are used to benefit the wider society by subsidising the running costs of children’s and youth classes, camps, study groups and activities to promote positive values and positive community development . This is organised through a NZ registered charity number CC42978. So our sweet honey helps change the world for the better… sweeeet!

Honey Facts

Pure raw honey is not heat-treated or pasteurised and has no additives or extra ingredients added. It is filtered to remove any traces of wax.

The bees keep their honey at about 30 degrees Celsius in the hive and the warmer temperature keeps the honey liquid. When first bottled the honey is liquid and is clear. But after a while, and with reduction to room temperature the natural sugars in the honey may begin to crystalise and the honey goes hard, becomes lighter in colour and is no longer clear. This is a natural process and the honey nutrition has not changed and no chemicals or anything else has been added.

If you want to change the honey back to liquid form then heat the jar gently in a bowl of warm ( not boiling) water. Another way is to put the jar in the microwave for NO MORE than 30 seconds, Leave for 10 minutes, then microwave again for NO MORE than 30 seconds. Repeat until the sugar crystals again dissolve and honey becomes clear again. If you microwave too much and to a higher temperature then the plastic jar will become soft and change shape.